Paris Fashion Week 2014: Indian Fashion Designer, Manish Arora

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Manish Arora at Paris Fashion Week 2014

Manish Arora at Paris Fashion Week 2014

Manish Arora, India-born fashion designer first launched his label ‘Manish Arora’ in 1997, New Dehli. Three years from this Arora respresented India at the Hong Kong Fashion Week. In addition to this, he featured in India’s first ever Fashion Week also held in New Dehli. In 2004 he won Best Womeswear Designer Prize of the Indian Fashion Awards 2004.

Following his breakthrough, he debuted at the London Fashion week in September 2005 and his first Paris Fashion Week in October 2007. Arora has been appearing in every season at Paris Fashion Week since. During this year he became a member of the renowned French Federation of Pret-a-Porter. Arora’s designs are sold in prestigious stores worldwide such as Galleries Lafayette, Joyce and Beams.

In 2011 Arora was appointed Creative Director for French fashion house, Paco Robanne and designed two collections for the iconic fashion brand having then left in 2012.

Being one of the most celebrated and inspiring contemporary designers in the fashion world today, he is known for his incisive artistry and distinctive play on colours. His signature trademark is his palette of pinks and gold. Arora’s designs are inspired by Indian heritage captured with a unique modern vibe.

Arora has collaborated with established brands such as Walt Disney, Swarvoski, Swatch, Reebok, Barbie, Mono Prix, Nespresso, Nivea, MAC Cosmetics, Pommery, Amrapali amongst others. He also holds a licensing agreement with UK company Inspecs Eyewear.

His signature designs have been worn by global starts such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

In 2012, Arora joined forces with India’s biggest Women’s Ethic Wear Retail brand BIBA. This collaboration launched label, ‘Indian by Manish Arora’ bringing to life a sense of his innovative design and craft to Indian clothing.

Here is Arora’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection showcased at this year’s Paris Fashion Week on 25 September 2014 taken by Vogue…






Asian Fashion Hour Live was hosted by Pehrani at The Space Birmingham *


Selection of canapés served at the event courtesy of The Space Birmingham*


Refreshment station at The Space Birmingham*


The hot seat for Q & A time with the panel*


Versatile venue at The Space Birmingham, perfect for meetings and events*

The Carter Room at The Space Birmingham**

Creative lighting and ambiance at The Space Birmingham**


Julien Trivedi designs*


Double-breasted waistcoat set designed by Julien Trivedi*


Bold print suit jacket dressed with patterned cravat style scarf designed by Julien Trivedi*


Chic navy blue paisley suit designed by Julien Trivedi*


Velvet embroided piece designed by Julien Trivedi*


Gaby Manch, business partner and co-designer for Noreen Khan Couture*


Noreen Khan Couture designs*


Ravita Pannu Artiste in henna, make up and hair*

The Liotta Room all set up at The Space Birmingham**

Noreen Khan - Julien Trivedi - Ravita Pannu**


Julien Trivedi - Amrit Matharu (Amaretto’s World) - Noreen Khan - Gaby Manch - Ravita Pannu*

Amrit Matharu (Amaretto’s World) and Julien Trivedi taking selfies**


Gaby Manch - Ravita Pannu - Julien Trivedi - Noreen Khan - Yasmin Sidat (Pehrani)*


Gaby Manch - Ravita Pannu - Julien Trivedi - Noreen Khan - Amrit Matharu (Amaretto’s World)*

Khush Magazine*


Ravita Pannu - guests - Noreen Khan - Gaby Manch - Amrit Matharu with Khush editor-in-cheif Sonia Ullah*


Chandeep Uppal of The Space with Noreen Khan*


Noreen Khan answering questions about her clothing range at The Space Birmingham*


Chandeep Uppal of The Space with Ravita Pannu*


Chandeep Uppal of The Space with Julien Trivedi*


Hosts Yasmin Sidat and Chandeep Uppal with the guest panel*


Guest panel of Noreen Khan, Julien Trivedi and Ravita Pannu*


Chandeep Uppal (The Space Birmingham) and Yasmin Sidat (Pehrani)*


Chandeep Uppal (The Space Birmingham) and Yasmin Sidat (Pehrani)*


Amrit Matharu (Amaretto’s World) with Chandeep Uppal (The Space Birmingham) and Yasmin Sidat (Pehrani)*


Amrit Matharu (Amaretto’s World) with Chandeep Uppal (The Space Birmingham) and Yasmin Sidat (Pehrani)*

*Images by Amaretto’s World
**Images by Pehrani

Asian Fashion Hour Live 

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Punjab2000 Restaurant Review by Amrit – The Tapasya ‘Fine Dining Experience’ in Hull

Punjab2000′s Amrit reviewed one of Hull’s leading restaurants specialising in fine Indian Cuisine.

Tapasya Restaurant & Bar review by Amrit Punjab2000

Situated in the Beverley area of Hull, the restaurant is complete with outdoor wooden furnishings and lush green trimmed hedges.

Having been opened a full year on 29 August 2014, Tapasya celebrates being nominated as the Best Restaurant of The Year by Remarkable East Yorkshire Award. Proud to be in the heart of Yorkshire, Tapasya have also participated in food festivals local to the city such as the Yum Festival and hosted the Devil’s Kitchen Challenge, showcasing their exquisite Indian menu.

Punjab2000's Amrit with Tapasya managing director Mukesh Tirkoti

Punjab2000′s Amrit with Tapasya managing director Mukesh Tirkoti

A delectable menu has been compiled by head chef K K Anand formerly known for his TV appearances in the Indian Masterchef and his head role of Asian cuisine at the Olympic Village, London.

Interestingly the restaurant’s title Tapasya is not to be confused with the Spanish connection to tapas. On first hearing the name, many guests assume they will be dining in a feast of Spanish cuisine or tasting fine Indian delicacies in the style of tapas dining. In fact Tapasya actually comes from the ancient Sanskrit language –Tapas meaning heat, however also dependent on context can mean to meditate.

Tapasya Bar

Amrit met with Mukesh Tirkoti, managing director of Tapasya who walked her through the haute bar area lit with an inviting warm ambiance to the sound of the running water wall feature. A fine selection of spirits from high end whiskeys to vodka spirits are on display creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The restaurant’s decor compliments the modern yet welcoming vibe. White table cloths dress the scene against the plush cream upholstery and mahogany coloured furnishings.

Table setting at Tapasya Restaurant, Hull

Spice Room table setting at Tapasya, Hull

Amrit was taken to dine in the Spice Room used for entertaining VIP guests and available for large parties to book. The room has a fully functioning projector screen, perfect for business presentations as well as its own sound system so you can enjoy a private dinner party to your own personal playlist. This room comes equipped with a grand view of the Tapasya wine cabinet, where Tapasya’s very own brand of wine and beer stand.

Amrit of Punjab2000 at Tapasya Restaurant, Hull

Tapasya currently offer two house wines, one in red and white to go with their extensive wine selection. The robust red offers a deep rich flavour full of embodiment whilst the crisp white is a cool taste to the pallet with a refreshing flavour. Prices of the wines range from affordable to the ideal for that special occasion.

Tapasya brand wines

Two beers are also available under the Tapasya range in Pale Ale at 4.5% and Cardamon and Coriander flavour at 4.9% volume. The aroma of the cardomon and coriander infused beer, touches the pallet after a mouthful of subtle Indian spices, compliments the gentle flavours of each spice in the food. Tirkoti commented that the beers are a popular hit with the locals as well as the wine, selling around 80-90 bottles per week.

Tapasya brand beer

Amrit tasted a selection of entrrées  that were served, starting with black crunchy tiger prawns roasted in the tandoor, served with a mango and yoghurt sauce.

Black crunchy tiger prawns

Following this was a street food tiki (pattie) made from fresh spinach, paneer (Indian cottage cheese), potato and crushed chickpeas served with a tomato and onion sauce.

Street food tiki

The final dish of the array was a unique take on the authentic seekh kebab. Traditionally a blend of spiced lamb, though Tapasya have chosen a delicately flavoured chicken version of the seekh kebab. Leaving a main course of an exquisite chicken curry accompanied with basmati rice and rustic naan bread to finish.

Chicken seekh kebab

Overall Amrit said “the Tapasya experience delivered an afternoon of pleasurable, fine dining. The staff and service was of impeccable standard, my wine was kept topped up and my napkin was always laid out for me. The food is not your average Indian balti by no means. A true taste and feel of Indian excellence is what Tapasya replicates.”

Chef's table at Tapasya Restaurant, Hull

Tapasya radiates the perfect ambiance for a wondrous dining experience and sophisticated environment to celebrate that special occasion. Open seven days a week and offering a range of appetising dishes visit

*Photo credits – Amrit Matharu 

ASIAN FASHION HOUR LIVE – panel featuring Noreen Khan, Ravita Pannu & Julien Trivedi

Punjab2000’s very own Amrit Matharu for Amaretto’s World is an official contributor for Asian Fashion Hour Live.

The Space Birmingham, business venture founded by Chandeep Uppal also known for her role as ‘Meena’ in Meera Syal’s  Anita and Me, hosts Asian Fashion Hour Live on Friday 26 September 2014, 7-10pm at The Space, Barr Street, Birmingham, B19 3EH.

Asian Fashion Hour Live

Uppal joined forces with Yasmin Sidat, blogger of The two came together to bring Pehrani’s Friday evening Twitter chat #asianfashionhour (hosted weekly from 7-8pm), to a live platform where live contributors and a live audience can take part and contribute their thoughts and comments which can be then taken on board by future business entrepreneurs and researchers.

The event will be focussing on three big names in the south Asian fashion industry. BBC Asian Network’s Noreen Khan will be giving the audience an exclusive on her new couture range as well as renowned hair and makeup artist Ravita Pannu who will reveal more about her RP brand. This event is not just for the ladies as menswear designer Julien Trivedi will be talking about his menswear and sherwani ranges.

Asian Fashion Hour Live is different in the sense that it is not your usual fashion show showcasing a catwalk of latest trends, but is an event which allows you to openly discuss these trends.

In addition to Amaretto’s World, supporting the event are various parties such as Curvaceous and Maya magazines, Asians UK, The Asian Today and business group Asian Women Mean Business.

Tickets for the event only cost £10 and are available from

For more information visit &

Exclusive Interview with Amit Shah from The Hundred-Foot Journey


Amrit from Punjab2000,  speaks with Amit Shah who plays Mansur in his new film The Hundred-Foot Journey which releases  in the UK on 5th September 2014

The 33-year-old actor from London graduated from Staffordshire University in Drama and went on to study at LAMDA in West London. From theatre plays such as the hit Bombay Dreams composed by AR Rahman, The Royal Hunt of the Sun and The Alchemist to name a few, Shah hits the big screens in the film industry working alongside award-winning British-Iranian comedian Omid Djalili in The Infidel and the most recent The Hundred-Foot Journey, co-produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg.

The film is a screen adaptation of the Richard C. Morais novel beautifully capturing the journey of the Kadam family on an adventure to home their aspirations of a family-run restaurant after fleeing Mumbai. First settling in London and departing for Europe, a mechanical fault on Papa (Om Puri)’s vehicle results in the family residing in a nearby French village. Upon their stay, Papa’s discovery of the wonderful French food culture and an abandoned building a one hundred-foot journey from a Michelin star restaurant, their story begins.

Winfrey stated after titling the book her favourite summer read in 2010, “It’s about human beings coming to understand other human beings and more importantly, after you get to experience or step into somebody else’s shoes or see them for a real human being, how you understand that you’re really more alike than you are different”.

Shah reveals more in an exclusive interview with Amrit about his character of Mansur in the film and his experience working with stars of the industry. Read below for the full interview…

1. Congratulations on the release of The Hundred-Foot Journey. Can you tell us more about your role and the character you play as we see you only very briefly in the trailer in comparison to the other characters.

That’s right, there’s only so much that can be added to a two-minute trailer though I say one of the most crucial lines in the film, being “one hundred feet across the street the restaurant has a Michelin star”. Mansur as the older son acts as the responsible, straight-faced character who wants to protect and look after his family.

2. How did you get the part?

I auditioned for the part. My agent called me up and said there’s a big film project that he had lied up for me. At the time I wasn’t made aware it was a Spielberg production which I think is a good thing. When meeting the casting director you need to put your focus and attention on the story and the character. They want to see how you behave and respond on set.  I was filmed and the tape was sent over to Spielberg and his team. I think an important thing for them was to get the chemistry of the family right so they needed to get an older brother who is possibly awkward. And I have very similar ears to Om Puri  *laughs* so I think that might’ve helped project my role as his son in the film.

3. What was it like working with the legend that is Om Puri who’s been in both Bollywood and mainstream films, most famously East is East?

Well there’s a bit of a long story here but I’ll tell you. So when I was 18 and at uni, I wasn’t completely sure about going into acting properly. Then East is East came out and absolutely changed my whole world. It was such a huge film in the UK and I remember thinking this actor can make you laugh and cry within the same time. He has the full talent and ability of expressing this emotion very subtly. So I really aspired to him and followed in his footsteps and got to play his son in The Hundred-Foot Journey. And what is even weirder is I’m also now in East is East the play which is obviously associated with Om Puri. So I play Om’s son in the film and the writer of the play, Ayub Khan Din, also plays the father. So I am his son in the play which sets up this really weird triangle of son and my two dads.

Ayub Khan Din, Amit Shah & Om Puri - Son with his 'two dads'. Photo by Zareen Walker

Ayub Khan Din, Amit Shah & Om Puri – Son with his ‘two dads’. Photo by Zareen Walker

4. And what was it like working with Dame Helen Mirren who has of course been around for years?

She actually came up to me at the premiere and said to me that she really enjoyed working with me, that I’m free, inventive and spontaneous. And I think she is very much those things so we were able to get along really well.

When you look at the film, I would say that about 70% of what I do was certainly improvised because the kind of environment the director wanted. And most of the stuff I do with Helen is improvised; you know my character is kind of fumbling and awkward because hers is so intimidating. It was a nice relationship and it just worked. And you’d never guess she’s in her in her late 60’s because she’s so alive and got such energy. For me it was wonderful to work with her.

5. What was your most enjoyable scene when filming?

I would say all of the stuff in the kitchen and all of my interactions with Om and Helen because they’re improvised and there are some very sweet and funny moments between us. During the whole experience, we were very lucky to have filmed in three different locations. The South of France which was so scenic, then we went to Paris which was buzzing and  then Mumbai in India which was buzzing with a different kind of energy, it’s in your face and vibrant!

6. How was it meeting and working with Oprah and Steven?

I didn’t actually get to meet Spielberg until the New York premiere which was at the beginning of August. And I met Oprah half way through filming as she came on set for a few days. It was very bizarre especially when they’re complimenting your work. There was a moment at the premiere where I was talking to Spielberg and I look over, and my wife is talking to Oprah! So yeah like I said it is a very bizarre moment if you’ve never experienced that situation before, it’s just a whole another level.

There’s almost like a joke within the acting community where you often get asked, “are you working” when you reply, “no I’m just at home waiting for Spielberg to phone”.  He is a legend and most possibly the most famous man on the planet. Equally Oprah Winfrey is the most famous female on the planet so when the two come together and produce a film, you know that it’s going to be of a certain standard. And with that I can say I was surrounded by highly qualified talented people from the producers to the actors.

7. If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

Robin Williams. He was a huge huge hero of mine. When Mork & Mindy was on I’d be watching that. I’m a massive fan of his movies like Good Will Hunting and the Spielberg film Hook where he played Peter Pan. For days I was in shock as I’ve had experience with someone close to me with depression so I was really taken by his passing as he was a true inspiration.


Quick Fire Questions:

Chocolate  or Vanilla? Vanilla

Dress Shoes or Trainers? Trainers (always Nike)

Tea or Coffee? Neither, milkshake (preferably strawberry or vanilla)

Cats or Dogs? Dogs

Breakfast or Dinner? Dinner


Sweet or Savoury? Sweet (especially gulab jamun)

Scone or ‘Scon’? Scon (but sometimes change without knowing I’m doing it)

Shower or Bath? Shower

Mum or Dad? Mummy’s boy

So I’m back from Vegas and it’s time to repent my sins of indulging in way too much food and drink. The Americans certainly are hearty with their portions, and there is sugar in everything!
Blueberries for a boost of antioxidants  Honeydew melon for revitalising copper and vitamins Nectarine for a healthy dose of vitamin C
My favourite detox is Marks and Spencer’s Detox Infusion Tea. A perfect blend of a nettle, dandelion and milkthistle that is naturally caffeine free.
Happy detoxing for those who are with me! ‪

So I’m back from Vegas and it’s time to repent my sins of indulging in way too much food and drink. The Americans certainly are hearty with their portions, and there is sugar in everything!

Blueberries for a boost of antioxidants
Honeydew melon for revitalising copper and vitamins
Nectarine for a healthy dose of vitamin C

My favourite detox is Marks and Spencer’s Detox Infusion Tea. A perfect blend of a nettle, dandelion and milkthistle that is naturally caffeine free.

Happy detoxing for those who are with me! ‪

Holiday Fashion


Necklace Haul

We don’t meet people by accident; They are meant to cross our paths for a reason, albeit a blessing or a lesson. 

Great bumping into madtatterfilms this weekend - Looking forward to catching up soon!

We don’t meet people by accident; They are meant to cross our paths for a reason, albeit a blessing or a lesson.

Great bumping into madtatterfilms this weekend - Looking forward to catching up soon!

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