SMASHBOX - DIWALI ESSENTIALSDelighted to receive this amazing package worth over £100 from Smashbox Cosmetics UK.
It’s great to see reputable makeup brands recognising ethnic skin tones in their products. Smashbox have put together some Diwali essentials to create the ultimate radiant finish for a glowing complexion for the festival of light.
I’m so grateful to be receiving my first product samples for Amaretto’s World. Counting my blessings and wishing God showers you all with happiness and prosperity this Diwali.
Diwali makeup review coming soon to the blog!


Delighted to receive this amazing package worth over £100 from Smashbox Cosmetics UK.

It’s great to see reputable makeup brands recognising ethnic skin tones in their products. Smashbox have put together some Diwali essentials to create the ultimate radiant finish for a glowing complexion for the festival of light.

I’m so grateful to be receiving my first product samples for Amaretto’s World. Counting my blessings and wishing God showers you all with happiness and prosperity this Diwali.

Diwali makeup review coming soon to the blog!

Amaretto’s Gohl Mendhi Tutorial

Here’s my version of this traditional gohl mendhi design. I hope this step by are guide shows you how easy it really is.

You can also view it on my Youtube channel here


Love Amaretto x

Mendhi by Amaretto

This weekend I was asked to do a mendhi party. I’ve never been taught how to apply mendhi or participated in any kind of course. I love all things creative and seem to have a natural artistic flair. From embroidery patterns of Indian paisley prints and floral swirls, inspire me to recreate these traditional mendhi designs.

I always find that having the right consistency of the mendhi and a neatly wrapped cone, with a thin nib allows you to create clean designs. If the mendhi is too thin in consistency it becomes messy and your designs will be sloppy. Also if the nib is too thick you can’t create intricate detail.

Look out for a video I’ll be posting soon of my favourite gohl mendhi design.

Lace X Love

Meet my new favourite sari…

During a trip to London, Mumma Math and I fell in love with this gorgeous fabric by French Connection. Almost instantly we imagined how gorgeous it would look as a sari.

The beautifully scalloped edging has the perfect finishing for a simple and elegant look. I teamed it together with a chunky jewelled necklace and matching bracelet, which I attached around the pala as a brooch and tear drop earrings.

Approaching the colder months, I decided to wear it with a black long-sleeved T-shirt disguised as a sari blouse. A great way to modernise your look but still keep an Eastern feel to your outfit!

For my hair I created a messy bun to the side of my hair with a slight puff at the crown to shape the face for a hint of elegance. For an effortless look I let strands naturally fall.

I kept my makeup clean and quite natural using my favourite palate - Naked2, for a copper smokey eye and of course my signature contour for a flawless look completed with winged eyeliner and a dark lipstick.


I love the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, it has the perfect collection of luminous shades with shimmer and sparkle to the smoothest mattes. It has 12 neutral shades ranging from greyish browns to glittery coppers. 

Here’s three shades I’ve found myself using the most, and they are:

  1. Verve - starting with the inner corners, apply Verve all over
  2. Snakebite - build the smoky look with gradually applying Snakebite to the outer corners
  3. Busted - finally edge the crease of the eye with Busted for a defined cat-like cut crease effect

Punjab2000′s Amaretto’s World catches up with film director MadTatter on Youtube sitcom AWP

Directive genius behind Youtube series ‘As We Proceed’ featuring Sunny & Shay Grewal, MadTatter catches up with Punjab2000’s Amrit about what makes his creative mind tick.

Amaretto catches up with Tandy from MadTatter Films

Amaretto catches up with Tandy from MadTatter Films

Tandeap Tatter, also known as Tandy of MadTatter Films from Leicester, studied Film production and Technology at Birmingham City University.

Tandy making impressions at a red carpet event in London

Tandy making impressions at a red carpet event in London

Having worked with Youtube sensations Lilly Singh, A.K.A iiSuperwomanii and Jus Reign, The MadTatter has spread his imaginative intellect across the globe in Canada. MadTatter Films has been proudly associated with The Glass Museum who presented Souled Out Tour with the previously mentioned global Youtube stars iiSuperwomanii and Jus Reign as well as Inkquisitive, Humble the Poet and Selena Dhillon to name a few.

MadTatter alongside fellow UK-artist Inkquisitive with IISuperwomanII and Rick Matharu

MadTatter alongside fellow UK-artist Inkquisitive with IISuperwomanII and Rick Matharu

Tatter’s film versatility ranges from films in music video, documentary, comedy as well as design work. MadTatter’s talent in capturing the artistic world of music through video most famously erupted from Tigerstyle’s Ik Banerevideo in 2012, transforming a live recording of Inkquisitive’s artwork. Since then Tatter has worked with the likes of JR Dread, Raxstar and the as mentioned before Selena Dhillon.

To add to Tatter’s list of talents and achievements, his most recent success is the forever-talked-about Youtube sitcom, ‘As We Proceed’. The first series of which has 25 episodes is out now with a second series to launch soon. An official exclusive is out every Friday on the UK’s biggest British-Asian channel, BritAsia TV.

Mad Tatter starring as Deep in As We Proceed

Mad Tatter starring as Deep in As We Proceed

Read more about Tatter’s inspired movements and what it is that makes him The MadTatter…

1)   What inspires you as a film director?
Great stories. Being able to convey something that affects someone in some way. They don’t even have to like it. The fact I have created something that effects your emotions is enough.

2)     Tell us about how you became involved in videography?
Since I was a child I was always good at telling stories. I would invent scenarios with my batman figures and envision action scenes. Along with my cousin we were given access to a video camera at a young age and would create these random movies and shows. I actually wanted to be an artist but when I studied media at college I caught the bug and it’s never let me go. I still paint and draw on the side so who knows I may release a book in the future *laughs*.
3)     Talk us through your name choice, ‘MadTatter’?
My surname is Tatter so it fits but the truth is it was given to me by my French teacher. At school I was the kid who would be as cheeky as possible to teachers without getting detention. When I would walk into class I would pretend as though I could speak French fluidly and he would say you’re as mad as a Tatter. MadTatter was born and never grew up.

4)    If you could work with anyone who would it be and why?
Pharrell Williams, Rick Ruben or Kanye West. It’s hard to explain the genius behind what they do. Pharrell literally invents trends whilst Kanye is trying to scream to the world into thinking higher of themselves. Rick is incredible with everything he does. To be in his presence would be an honour.

5)     Apart from Sunny and Shay of course, who has been the most exciting person you have worked with?
Selena Dhillon and The Glass Museum. Selena is amazing because she is so talented and doesn’t even realise it. I can suggest things and she’ll go off and try it. Then if it doesn’t work she’ll come back to me with an improvement, or a suggestion. It’s because she knows and understands her talent. She just doesn’t realise how good she is.

The Glass Museum are so amazing as well. Working with Rick and Harjot Matharu on so many projects has not just been inspiring but truly eye opening. They pushed me to my absolute limits then made me pause and showed me that actually, what you think are your limits aren’t limits at all. They’re the misconception that you’re only able to do certain things, when in fact your talents are limitless. It’s hard to put into words the gratitude, admiration and love I have for them.

6)     ‘As We Proceed’ isn’t the first of your Youtube material you’ve produced. You’ve worked with Youtube sensations like Jus Reign and iiSuperwomanii. What’s been their feedback regarding AWP?
They’ve loved it! Both Lilly and Jasmeet have always told me I need to step up my YouTube game. In all honesty I don’t like being in front of the camera too much but I’ll make sure you remember me when I am. They’ve messaged me personally and shown nothing but support and love.

7)     Do you have any advice for young people who wish to start out in the media industry?
Be prepared to fail and stay grounded. Surround yourself with the right people outside of your creative career. I have homies who are so quick to ring me and tell me if I’m doing something wrong and that’s so important to have. You find out who people really are when they get a little attention, so to have people who keep you grounded is important.

Quick Fire Questions:

Chocolate or Vanilla? Coconut
Dress Shoes or Trainers? Dress Shoes
Tea or Coffee? CHAA
Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Breakfast or Dinner? Full English breakfast for dinner
Sweet or Savoury? Savoury
Scone or ‘Scon‘? Scone
Shower or Bath? Shower
Mum or Dad? I refuse to answer coz I’ll get beats from one of them either way.

*Images are sourced from various Youtube films & creative projects by MadTatter

Sunny & Shay invite Amaretto’s World to BBC WM Studios

BBC radio presenting couple, Sunny and Shay Grewal invited Punjab2000’s Amrit to the BBC studios in Birmingham to talk about their big move to BBC West Midlands and their new online sitcom, As We Proceed. (Available to view by clicking their separate interview)


Amrit interviewing Sunny & Shay at the BBC

Having first been with BBC Asian Network for two years, Sunny and Shay will be celebrating their fourth year anniversary at BBC London in December at the end of this year.

More exciting news brings the radio couple to Birmingham with the launch of their new show, Monday to Thursdays on BBC WM 95.6FM from 2pm to 4pm.

The ambitious couple land what they describe as their dream of presenting for a mainstream radio station as part of the BBC family.


Sunny and Shay with Amaretto’s World of Punjab2000

Managing Editor at BBC WM comments “Sunny and Shay are a breath of fresh air in the offices at BBC WM – they’re exactly the same as they are on the radio – loud and lively!  But always so happy they make the whole office smile.”





Read on to find out more about what radio means to Sunny and Shay, and what it’s like working together…

1.       Since ‘The Family’ you’ve been involved in many different forms of the media. What came about first?

Shay: So essentially what happened was after The Family we’d been doing a lot of interviews. I did one with Nikki Bedi on Asian Network and she said to me live on air “you’ve got a fantastic radio voice”. So I was like oh okay thanks! Also Jo Good at BBC London did an interview with Sunny and I, and said to us that we both need to do a radio show. She was our mentor; she was the person who sent us out to red carpet events for her show.

Six months in she invited us in to review a show and we didn’t know it was Sanjeev Bhaskar’s play, and he was listening in! He said he really liked the way we reviewed it. So soon we were offered BBC London and talking with BBC Asian Network at the same time.

2. Would you say that radio was one of the biggest moves for Sunny and Shay?

Sunny: The biggest move for us was BBC WM. We physically moved to Birmingham and are very much part of The Midlands and Black Country. Gareth Roberts has been our absolute mentor from day go. He’s instrumental in our growth.

Shay: Doing radio is something we’ve always wanted to do. Now we’ve got a fantastic platform what has been our aim is a mainstream, prime time radio show. And BBC WM is mainstream and it’s prime time you know. We’ve interviewed Micahel Palin, Om Puri and so many more great people.

Sunny: And with that I’d like to say, the big names come and go but what makes it is when we get our local listeners calling in and telling us we sound great. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

3.       From BBC Asian Network to BBC London, we’re now going to be able to hear you across The Midlands on BBC WM. Tell us what we can be expecting from the new show?

Shay: So it’s a two hour show. The first hour is very topical with our topic of the day. We put out an opinion and we invite everyone to be a part of our family and speak with the callers about it as part of our BBC family.
And the second hour is very much film, theatre, food, music, anything happening to do with culture. And again back to the idea of family, we’ve even had Mum on the show and she’s revealed that she would dress Sunny up as a cross-dresser because she wanted a girl *laughs*, and that he lost her £80 million lottery ticket!

4.       And how is it working out with you guys now living in Birmingham? 

Shay: Monday to Thursday we’re in Birmingham at BBC WM and Fridays to Sundays we’re in London.  For now a lot of our life is in The Midlands, but it’s like coming to a home away from home. We have a lot of family here, friends here and whilst we were at Asian Network we were in Birmingham too.

5. Out of all of your ventures which have you enjoyed the most?

Sunny: Getting married to Shay.

Shay: Aww, well we have been together 11 years. And I remember in the beginning when we worked in the city and working long days. So we have always wanted to work together and now it’s just the best thing.

6.       Who’s been the most interesting person  you’ve had on the show?

Sunny: For me it has to be Sunny Ahuja. He’s an amazing business man. He’s one of those guys who should be mentoring other businessmen because he is the best person you could work for. And he shows that you don’t have to be a horrible person to make a lot of money. He has awards from the Queen. He’s is one of the nicest and most interesting people I have met to date.

Shay: I love having music guests on and theatre, all that kind of stuff. I’ve enjoyed everyone from Dharmendra to Ashwariya Rai on the Bollywood side and then Angelina Jolie, Tom Hardy. Also Raghu Dixit – his voice is amazing!

Sunny: That performance was mind-blasting!

7.       What do you enjoy most about having people on the show?

Shay: With the job that we do we are very thankful. We get to meet people from all different walks of life. It’s amazing that we get to meet these people and interview them.

8.       Who would you most like to interview and why?

Sunny: I think I’ve already got mine. Dharmendra. I was so lucky I got to interview him twice actually, I’m a big fan.

Shay: Clint Eastwood or Sting because of my dad. I’d also love to do a one on one with Amitabh Bachan too.

9.       How do you find working for the BBC from London to Birmingham?

Sunny: Working for BBC as a whole is great. As an institution they support you and back you. And as a result we’re very thankful for that support from them.

10.   The two of you work tremendously well. Do you ever get sick of one another, and how do you handle it?

Shay: Well for Sunny all he needs are his wife and his family.

Sunny: That’s me done. I’m happy.

Shay: I’m a bit more of a sociable person so my friends are really important to me. They were my support during not having my mum and my wedding and all of that so I think that’s how we have our balance.

11.   Who gets the final say?

Sunny: It depends on what it is. If it comes down to something that’s written and I don’t understand it because I’m dyslexic then Shay will handle it. When it’s something creative then it’s always mine.

For Amaretto’s “Quick Fire Questions” to Sunny & Shay see her interview with them about As We Proceed.

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Punjab2000′s Amrit meets with Sunny & Shay to talk AWP

As featured on Punjab2000

Miss Amaretto’s World from Punjab2000 meets up with Sunny and Shay Grewal at the BBC studios in Birmingham bout their brand new Youtube sitcom that has recently been picked up by the UK’s biggest British Asian TV channel, Brit Asia TV.


Miss Amaretto’s World with Sunny & Shay at BBC Studios talking about As We Proceed


Amrit interviewing Sunny & Shay

The British style sitcom pays homage to the likes of Only Fools and Horses and Faulty Towers. Inspired by the everyday on goings of married couples and family life, this two-series comedy is not just about Desi realisms, that let’s face is we can all relate to; If it’s not your parents swearing in Punjabi,  there will always be someone asking for a cup of Indian tea! However the series aims to touch on the aspects that occur in everyone’s day-to-day lives.

Sunny and Shay in the opening credits of As We Proceed

Sunny and Shay in the opening credits of As We Proceed

Five times Queen’s Award-winning Asian drinks company, Bulldog, were approached to be As We Proceed’s official sponsor, featuring Sunny opening a can of the taurine-powered drink during the opening credits along with a Bulldog billboard image the end. As a result of the sitcom’s 1800 plus subscribers, a further three companies were keen to support the upcoming comedy hit and promote their businesses. Chardae make up stylists, Super Singhs vegetarian pizzas and clothing brand Blessed are now also sponsors of As We Proceed.

It was predicted by the acting couple along with the creative genius who co-directed the series, MadTatter Films, that within a few months the Sunny and Shay Youtube channel would have around 500 subscribers and a few hundred views. To a great surprise, within three months As We Proceed hits over 1800 subscribers, topping more than 80,000 views.

Sunny and Shay in AWP alongside MadTatter playing role as Deep

Sunny and Shay in AWP alongside MadTatter playing role as Deep

Sunny and Shay worked alongside the third member of their team, Tandy Tatter who co-directed As We Proceedwith Sunny. Tatter’s cinematic expertise created a TV series feel to the short comedy sketches with canned audience laughter and special effects. Tatter also makes appearances throughout the series as the character named, Deep. Guest appearances in episodes by Humble The Poet, Mum, Dad, Tindy and the children are also ones to look out for.

Read more about As We Proceed and the geniuses behind it…

1.       How did the idea of As We Proceed come about?

Shay:  About 2 years ago we were approached by different people saying we should be seeing The Family on Youtube and I kept pestering Sunny saying yeah I think it’s a really good idea we should do it. Sunny was totally against the idea of just doing a blog because at the time we were mastering our craft on the radio and he wanted us to be showcasing something a little bit different if we were to go on Youtube. At that point he came up with ‘As We Proceed’

Sunny: The idea came about because me and Shay were talking to a lot of directors and story tellers and what have you, and they were like we like it, we like you. But they couldn’t sell me and Shay as actors to anyone at that stage. We didn’t have any references or credits under our belts. So I said actually I’ve got an idea which was to write a sitcom. And from that sitcom we dissected it and we have little clips which make ‘As We Proceed’. With this as well I’d like to say it doesn’t have to be an Asian couple, a white couple or a black couple. It’s about a married couple going through their daily lives. And that is what the sketches replicate.

Shay: And once we had the sketches we really need someone who wanted to be a part of it and be a part of the team and film it. And that was MadTatter.

2. How did you come across MadTatter?

Shay: We really enjoyed some of his work with Inkquisitive and iiSuperwomanii. We met him and did an interview with him, and likewise he was a big fan of The Family. So we said to him, why don’t you come round for tea! So he came over, was very excited and I remember his very words being “Oh my God! I’m on the set of The Family”. To which we were like “errrm this is our house” *laughs*. It was a two way thing – he really liked us. We really liked him. Sunny told him his idea and he turned around and said “YES I want to be involved”.

3.       Why is it titled ‘As We Proceed’?

Sunny: So this was my thinking behind it. Me and Shay are together and we’ve been through a lot. And that’s not to say we aren’t still going to go through a lot, because this is what married couples do. So it’s a way of saying this is a segment of our life and we are still proceeding.

The beauty of ‘As We Proceed’ is that it doesn’t always have to concentrate on me and Shay.

4. The type of comedy portrayed in the series is very real and relatable, is it based on your lives? What inspired you to create this series?

Shay: Well yeah like Sunny said it’s not just our life it’s what married couples experience and what comes with that. A lot of the episodes don’t just feature us but the family too. So like the episode ’24 Minutes’ where Dad supposedly has work early the next day, but the family were out the whole time!

Sunny: *laughs* That’s it. Such a familiar situation with so many people. As We Proceed is a combination of everyone’s stories.

5. How did you set about filming it, in one go or bit by bit? How long did it take?

Sunny: It’s an ongoing process. There are 25 episodes in each of the two series, and season 3 won’t even be hitting you guys till next year!

Shay: What I am going to say is… the grand finale for the final series is like WOW. You’ll understand when you see.

6.       You’ve obviously been involved with filming before with ‘The Family’, how do you find being in front of a camera for something you’ve had to rehearse for?

Sunny: I’m completely fine with it. Once I’m in character I know what the scene needs.

Shay: Sunny is a real natural in front of the camera. Mum is another natural. I would say I’m a director’s actor where the director tells you what to do.

7.       The two of you come as a package, but how did you find working with a third team member?

Sunny: We do come as a package but we very much do things separately as well. Shay is really into her radio, she’s got a really beautiful radio voice. So when it comes to editing and directing that’s me, I do that. We have our strengths and our separate skills.

Shay: We have a common goal but we support each other in our separate ways. So Sunny has his own film column in Asian Culture Vulture. His passion is film, mine is music. When we work together I’m very much the producer whereas Sunny thinks outside of the box.

Sometimes, I feel sorry for Tandy. Tandy’s like the third wheel when me and Sunny can go off on one. We’re not the kind of couple who need to continuously latch off each other but at times it can be a case of “okay come on guys”. But what he’s said he loves about that is, as a couple once we’ve worked out what we have to do, we’re ready to move on.

8.       You’ve been picked up by Brit Asian TV. How does it feel knowing that nearly every Asian in the UK is watching you, as they get the exclusive every Friday?

Shay: My God. It’s kind of like the second time round really isn’t it? Because when The Family came out we were like “wow quite a lot of people are going to see this”, which turned out to be around nearly five million views every week on the show! And that now is like hundreds of millions because it’s viewed in Dubai, Australia, all over. So for us it’s similar for us knowing it’s on in everyone’s homes but the difference is we’re acting.

Sunny: Yeah it’s all acting and fantasy. To a certain degree they are scenes where everyone can relate to. You don’t have to be a couple or relationship to understand it. So my favourite scene is where I get to be a superhero!

Shay: That’s it so we really wanted to tap into those small idiosyncrasies that everyone goes through in life. And for us it’s documenting it and having fun with in because everyone like Mum, Dad was involved in it. And when Tandy came in, it really took it to another level. I call Sunny and Tandy ‘creative beings’. These two will just go off on one and jump to the next idea and the next.

9.       Youtube comedy is massive phenomenon at the moment, how would you describe your comedy to be similar or different?

Sunny: Anything we’re producing is a homage to old-school TV comedies but condensed versions.

Shay: The homage is to shows like Only Fools and HorsesKing of Queens. We’re great fans of Faulty Towersand all that kind of stuff. We might be Indian and Desi but what As We Proceed is about reflects real British comedy. The humour is witty!

10.   What is the most enjoyable part of filming the series?

Shay: For me it was the actual filming. We were on a tight schedule as we started filming the next day after Bhangra Showdown. So mum was there on hand to make sure we had food ready and helping us out. Sunny’s a real director’s director. His passion really drove Tandy and I without a doubt. And these guys love editing!

Sunny: Working with Tandy was great. We were editing together. And if there’s something we wanted to do but couldn’t, we’d look at it together. Like the homage to 24 where we added the clocks in with the 24 minutes to get up the stairs in episode 8.

11.   And, the least enjoyable?

Sunny: Shay *laughs*

Shay: I didn’t realise how much of a producer I really am. With me I will look at things logically and try work out the best way from A to B. So these guys call me ‘Shay After Dark’ when my crazy ideas come after all the nitty gritty, trying to make everything work, and all the behind the scenes stuff.

For me, the moaning when I’m trying to get ready. I was expected to be ready on top of cooking for these guys!

Quick Fire Questions

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Sunny: Chocolate
Shay: Vanilla

Heels or Flats/Dress Shoes or Trainers?
Sunny: Trainers – always Puma
Shay: Heels

Tea or Coffee?
Sunny: Indian tea only!
Shay: Tea – all teas

Cats or Dogs?
Sunny: Dogs
Shay: Dogs

Breakfast or Dinner?
Sunny: Dinner
Shay: Dinner

PC or MAC?
Sunny: MAC
Shay: both but more MAC

Sweet or Savoury?
Sunny: Savoury
Shay: Sweet

Scone or ‘Scon’?
Sunny: ‘Scon’
Shay: Scone

Shower or Bath?
Sunny: Shower
Shay: Shower

Mum or Dad?
Sunny: Mum – she’s my best friend
Shay: Dad

Asian Fashion Hour Live: Miss Amaretto meets with Julien Trivedi

(As featured on

Amrit from Punjab2000 met with menswear designer and tailor, Julien Trivedi who represented on behalf of the fashion-conscious males at Asian Fashion Hour Live hosted by Pehrani and The Space Birmingham on 26 September 2014.

Miss Amaretto with Julien Trivedi

Miss Amaretto with Julien Trivedi

Selling suits in the 1990’s gaining over 15 years of experience in the tailoring industry;m

Trivedi addressed the panel with his positive and fashion-fresh business attitude claiming have never wanted to be just a fashion retailer, but set out with the ambition to champion his own brand.

What sets Trivedi apart from traditional South Asian menswear services is that he labels himself as a tailorist; a tailorist who is able to create whatever garment you want to call it, albeit a suit or a sherwani.

“I don’t talk to people about suits. I don’t talk to people about sherwanis. I ask them what they want and why. Then I am able to work with what they want because it’s who they are and what they like.” 

Selfies at Asian Fashion Hour Live

Selfies at Asian Fashion Hour Live

Although of Asian heritage, Trivedi doesn’t brand his label exclusively to just the Asian market. Asian-inspired detailing can most definitely be seen in his creative pieces however Trivedi explained to the panel he can create any style of men’s suits.

Trivedi also works with clients in the music industry creating bespoke urban wear as well as suits for professionals, business men and grooms.

Trivedi explain how his passion for suits was present from an early age, being the only child at school who enjoyed wearing a blazer. He spoke about how fashion is dependent on you and your passion, how this can build what you want your look to say.

The topic of stereotypes was also touched on when Trivedi commented  “fashion is influenced by how you vision yourself, but what people think of you. You look good and feel good. I can dress in a suit and everyone will respect what you’re saying. I can take this off and my glasses off, walk around with a hoodie and a pair of high tops on and I’m just another person.” 

Trivedi’s level of customer service revolves around talking to the customer. Trivedi said “I don’t ask the what the customer wants me to design, I have a conversation with them to build trust to allow them to let me come up with a design for what I think suits them”. This process involves selecting precise fabrics whereby suppliers are sourced from all over the world for the best results. This selection process is taken into consideration as not every customer can apply this to their budget.

“The way I see it is, you’re permanently borrowing one of my suits.”

When asked by the panel about his unique approach to customer consultations and if this customer service needs to be seen more in the Asian industry, Trivedi spoke of there needing to be an education process where all males not just Asian, need to learn about how fashion allows you to create your own style and identity, not just because their friends are wearing it.

Julien Trivedi talking to Chandeep Uppal

Finally Trivedi ended the panel discussion by stating that it is people that inspire him.

“I remember when I wasn’t Julien Trivedi and that drives me.”

1)What is your big fashion do?
If in doubt always over dress.

2)What is your big fashion don’t?
Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Let how you dress reflect who you are and not how much you own. Don’t be afraid to take risks in fashion as long as you wear it with confidence and fearlessness in the mind.

3) Whose fashion shoes would you love to walk in?
Tom Ford.

4)What could you not live without in your wardrobe?

5)What is your one big tip when out shopping?
Don’t let that very friendly sales person talk you into buying something you are not sure about.

Asian Fashion Hour Live: Miss Amaretto meets with Ravita Pannu

(As featured on

Punjab2000 journalist Amrit Matharu (Amaretto’s World) met with make up artiste Ravita Pannu at  Asian Fashion Hour Live.

Miss Amaretto with make up artiste Ravita Pannu #RPDivas

Miss Amaretto with make up artiste Ravita Pannu #RPDivas

Make up artiste Ravita Pannu joined guest panel at Pehrani’s Asian Fashion Hour Live held at The Space Birmingham on 26 September 2014.

Pannu took to the hot seat and revealed her personal story which led to the success of her business brand, Ravita Pannu Artiste, specialising in henna, art and make up.

Pannu quoted “once you’ve been RP’d you won’t go back”.

Practising henna since as young as 13-years-old, Pannu said “I’ve always been creative with hair… It’s surreal to think that when the make up element came after the henna and hair, it’s now what my brand is most known for.”

Pannu’s brand has been involved in international beauty campaigns, pop-up shops, RP bindis and accessories. The panel asked how important it is to have diversity with the RP brand, and Pannu replied “fashion has a massive influence on what we do and what we do for the customers. Being versatile is a part of that”.

Pannu explains how finding a happy medium with her clients is important. “As a make up artiste you’ve almost got to be able to read your clients within the first 30 seconds that you meet them. Their personalities are huge giveaways. You know if they’re shy and timid you can’t go elaborate with their make up. You’ve got to be able to build up their looks for them and in-store confidence in them.”

“It’s more than just make up.”

Passion and Pannu’s business motivation of juggling life as a working wife having only just taken redundancy from her previous 9-5 job on top of her beauty career this March, a mother and daughter-in-law has all been inspired by her parents’ dedication to always being able to provide for Pannu and her siblings. Pannu spoke of how she chased her mother’s dream of following a degree based career, though doing this, and up until recently, maintaining her two jobs has given her the discipline to run the business she owns today.

Ravita Pannu being questioned on the panel by Chandeep Uppal

Pannu has over 20 years experience in the beauty industry accomplishing many great achievments. To date, RP has secured a deal with a soliciting firm whereby the company’s solicitors will have their makeup done by Ravita Pannu Artiste brand before entering court. Ravita Pannu Artiste brand currently has 14 stylists.

From being an individual make up artiste to being a beauty business owner, Pannu says “having the love and passion is key”.

Comments during the panel discussion regarding competition was raised, in particular regarding the title of “MUA” (make up artiste) seen on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The trend of applying the suffix MUA to profile names has become a recent craze; with what seems like everyone who can apply three shades of eyeshadow are doing it. Pannu claims training academies are partly responsible, “five days of training and courses do not make you a make up artiste. It has to come from the heart and a genuine love to create these visions”.

Pannu’s inspiration comes from girls who do it wrong. She explains how eyeliner can either make or break the look. The signature Ravita Pannu Artiste eyeliner has what Pannu describe as a science behind it. Without giving the secret away, Panuu uses a bird’s eye view to getting the perfect winged liner.

1)    What is your big beauty do?
Has got to be prepping the skin! If the canvas – the face, isn’t prepared for the make up then then make up simply won’t sit right. Look after your skin. #RP loves Microdermabasions, highly recommending them!

2)    What is your big beauty don’t?
Using make up past its use by date! Everything has a best before date, if you haven’t used a product in more than three months don’t use it! If it’s six-eight months old don’t go there! Chuck it away #RPDivas! Ensure you look after your personal makeup kit! After all you’re applying these products on your face!

3)    Whose beauty shoes would you love to walk in?
I would love to walk in the shoes of so many! There are a lot of beauty and make up artistes I follow and absolutely adore their work. Gosh… This is a tough one! If it had to be one then UK based would be brand founder of Illamasqua, Julian Kynaston.

4)    What can you not live without in your kit?
This one is easy! Eyeliner in all its forms – gel, pencil, liquid, shadow! After all #RP is known for the signature eyeliner.

5)    What is your big tip when out looking for a new product?
Social media is huge and is a part of everyday life. If you hear about a new product do you research, see what is being blogged about the product you’re looking into purchasing. Read honest beauty reviews – ask questions if not! I often have many #RPDivas asking me advice and if I have the answers I always share!

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